The FinEst Twins Smart City Center of Excellence will invest up to 15 million euros to implement 10 large scale pilots to face the urban challenges in the fields of mobility, energy, built environment, data and governance. This idea competition is based on the challenges mapped with local governments in Estonia. Each idea has to address at least one of the challenges via research and innovation activities and direct involvement of cities.

During the broad and well-promoted open call for ideas, we received 71 ideas for the 2020 smart city challenge. Four ideas have been chosen to be implemented by the Smart City Centre of Excellence and will be piloted in the partner cities and urban regions. As the call for ideas was well competed, this left us with 67 potential ideas, meeting the pre-mapped urban challenges of 35 local governments, that could have a piloting potential. Therefore, we do not plan a new open call in 2021 but we would re-evaluate the ideas we have received and choose potentially two more ideas from these that can be done with 18 months. 

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These pilot projects are 100% financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Estonian Ministry of Research and Education.

Additional information:
Külle Tärnov
Head of Innovation
Smart City Centre of Excellence
+ 372 56 800 221