Mobility key research areas:
In order to operate future transport systems safely and efficiently, there is need of designing and implementing a collaborative system, where (automated) vehicles and infrastructure exchange information and coordinate their actions. This vision requires numerous and significant advances in multiple areas, including traffic flow, control systems, and communication networks.

1. Smart Urban Mobility: Development of smart mobility strategies and applications for cities and urban regions based on data analysis, solutions and cyber-physical systems, aiming at efficient and sustainable mobility systems.
2. Twin City infrastructure: Further multi-faceted evaluation of twin cities’ integration and direct and indirect impact assessment for digital and physical infrastructure.
3. Smart Mobility Lab: Creating mobility-specific set of living lab activities within the UOP.Lab that allows for testing future technologies, transport solutions, business and innovation models, monitoring systems for social processes, with the goal of building an efficient ecosystem that allows also for large-scale pilots.

Research team lead: Ass. Prof. Claudio Roncoli (Aalto, Transport and Traffic Modelling and Management)

„Mobility research in Smart City" by Ass. Prof. Claudio Roncoli

Key research contributors:
  • Assistant Prof. Milos Mladenovic (Aalto, Transport Planning)  
  • Assistant Prof. Themistoklis Charalambous (Aalto, Large Scale Traffic Control)
  • Prof. Dago Antov (TalTech, Transport Planning)
  • Senior University Lecturer Jaakko Hollmen (Aalto, Computer Science)
  • Post-doctoral Researcher Vladimir Kuzmanovski (Aalto, Computer Science)
  • Senior Researcher Raivo Sell (TalTech, Self-driving Vehicles and Autonomous Systems)
  • PhD Student Serio Agriesti (Aalto, Transport Planning)
  • PhD Student Kaur Sarv (TalTech, Transport Planning)