Preparing energy plans is important. Smart grids which involve how areas of the city as well as individual buildings are heated are areas where the centre has an important role to play in coordinating different initiatives in the energy sector, and in bringing information about all these activities to the attention of the population in general.

1.    Integration of smart nearly zero energy buildings (nZEB) with energy networks – to find smart control, storage, low energy and demand side management solutions for future smart zero energy buildings and smart grids.
2.    Operation of smart electricity and district heat markets – operation and business models, control, communication and algorithm development for electricity and heating markets benefiting from buildings with smart electricity, automation, storage, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems; connected meters and sensors.
3.    Identification of cost-effective actions, instruments and measures for energy efficiency and energy market policies and action plans, sharing of best policy practices e.g. optimisation of energy demand to avoid peaks.

Research team lead: Professor Jarek Kurnitski (Professor at TalTech; Adjunct professor at Aalto in Nearly-zero energy buildings)

„Energy research in smart cities" by Prof. Jarek Kurnitski

Key research contributors:

  • Prof. Argo Rosin (TalTech, Smart Grids)
  • Prof. Targo Kalamees (TALTECH, Building physics)  
  • Prof. Sanna Syri (Aalto, Energy technology and energy economics)
  • Research Professor Dmitri Vinnikov (TalTech, Power Electronics)
  • Associate Professor Risto Kosonen (Aalto, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Senior Scientists Juha Jokisalo (Aalto, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Post-doctoral Researcher Ville Olkkonen (Aalto, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Post-Doc. Roya Ahmadiahangar (TalTech, Electrical Power Engineering and Mechatronics)
  • PhD Student Hatef Hajian (Aalto, Civil Engineering)
  • PhD Student Tero Koivunen (Aalto, Energy technology and energy economics)
  • PhD Student Pauli Hiltunen (Aalto, Energy technology and energy economics)
  • PhD Student Yuchen Ju (Aalto, Mechanical Engineering)
  • PhD Student Andrii Chub (TalTech, Power Electronics)