Key Research Areas:
Smart communicative city planning:    Combining participatory and collaborative approach to urban planning with computational planning methods and tools.   It focuses on usable digital tools and methods (e.g. PPGIS and 3D city models).

Smart human living data: multi-perspective, participatory data collection and analysis from the uses and users of urban space utilizing a variety of digital tools.

Smart support systems: co-developed planning and decision support systems for smart city planning and visioning including smart planning room.
Qualities of built environment: Smart communicative city planning enables rethinking and integrating the diverse qualities of urban spaces and makes these quality perspectives visible and debatable.

Bio-digital architecture and urban design (including circular bioeconomy): Offering an experimental approach to designing the built environment from a simultaneously biological and digital perspective.

Smart urban space solutions: human-centred solutions for a smart, liveable city and its service.

Research team lead: Professor Marketta Kyttä (Aalto, Built Environment)

„Build Environment and architecture research in smart cities" by Prof. Marketta Kyttä

Key research contributors:

  • Prof. Kimmo Lylykangas (TalTech, Landscape Architecture)
  • Senior Research Fellow Aija Staffans (Aalto, Architecture and Urban Studies)  
  • Researcher Pramod Bhusal (Aalto, Electrical Engineering and Automation)
  • Post-doctoral researcher Pilvi Nummi (Aalto, Built Environment)
  • University Lecturer Paulo Pinho (Aalto, Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation)
  • Researcher Veronika Valk-Siska (TalTech, Architecture and Urban Studies)
  • Research Fellow Kristi Grišakov (TalTech, Landscape Architecture)
  • PhD Student Pedro Laguardia Tavares (Aalto, Industrial and Power Electronics)
  • PhD Student Petri Kangassalo (Aalto, Built Environment)