The FinEst Twins is building a Smart City Centre of Excellence (CoE) based in Estonia capable of mobilising all leading actors and stakeholders in Estonia and establish a solid long term partnership with their Helsinki region counterparts, capitalising on the macro region’s scientific knowledge, innovativeness and entrepreneurship. The CoE focuses on mobility, energy and built environment glued together by governance and urban analytics & data and aims to match leading smart city research centers globally. The FinEst Twins develops the cross-border knowledge transfer infrastructure (Urban Operating Platform) through real-life pilots capable of attracting international expertise and investment. It also acts as a springboard for the exportation of Finnish-Estonian knowledge and combined service solutions on a global scale.

KEYWORDS smart city, digital single market, interoperability, cross-border services, public service provision

FinEst Twins project team is marked with blue line and together with red lines The Smart City CoE is created

Steering Committee
Maarja Kruusmaa (Tallinn University of Technology, chair)
Marko Nieminen (Aalto University, Research Lead)
Kerkko Vanhanen (Forum Virium Helsinki)
Johann Peetre (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Policy Lead)
Toomas Murulo (Ministry of Research and Education)

Executive Board
Ralf-Martin Soe (TalTech, Founding Director)
Matti Hämäläinen (Forum Virium Helsinki, Innovation Lead)
Kalle Toiskallio (Aalto University, Research Coordinator)
Henry Patzig (TalTech, Deliverable Manager)

High-Level R&I Advisory Board
Names will be announced later

The Smart City Centre of Excellence has got the following five research streams:

Smart City Governance
Urban Analytics & Data
Smart Energy
Built Environment
Smart Mobility

Large Scale Pilots:
Külle Tärnov (TalTech, Head of Innovation)

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The opening of the FinEst Twins Smart City Centre of Excellence